Make Up Collaboration : Beauty and The Beast

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I'm back again with another Collaboration with Esy Syamsiah dan Edelyn. We choose Beauty & the Beast theme for this collaboration. Miss Esy as " Raine Judese Tenan ", Edelyne as " Zurakha ", Rere Dini as " Lady Quagmire "

We Present You
Beauty Blogger Collaboration
"Beauty & The Beast"

You can look for detail pic on the link bellow :

Theme that i used for this collaboration in inspired from film series "Swampthing'. When i was a kid, me and my mom always watching this movie. You can read the synopsis film in here . I thry for the best to bring the real looks of Mr. Swampthing, i used the product that i have in my home. For 3d effect of the root i used flour, a little bit water, and mould it with your hand.

And this is the Makeup result from 
Lady Quagmire 

Detail Eye Makeup :

Product that i used :
Lt. Pro Foundation, LT. Pro Powder, Lt. Pro Eyebrow Pencil, LT. Pro Starter Kit Cake Powder, Sariayu 25 Anniversary Palette, Sariayu Auto matic Eyebrow, Revlon Lipstik, Giordanni Bronzing Pearl, oriflame Everlasting Foundation, Oriflame Very me Double Trouble Pencil (goddes green), Etternally Liquid Eyeliner, Nyx Eye Pencil, Flour and food colouring.

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  1. oalah, terigu toh mak, kiran tadi itu benang sulam mak. Keren !

  2. salam kenal mbak, kunjungan pertama, semoga sukses dengan blognya, kalau berkenan kunjungi balik ya....thanks yuli

  3. waw banget deh ini, pengen bisa yang ke gini gini :D... mau dicemongin gimanapun aura cantiknya ga hilang :)