Sunday, 1 June 2014

Review LT. Pro Professional Make-up LIP COLOUR

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In this time, i want review Lips Pallete from LT. Pro product, i have tried several product from LT. Pro such as powder, pencil liner... and this time i try Lip Colour from LT. Pro. Lets we start!
From the packaging, honestly i like this simple n elegant looks from LT. Pro Lip Colour. As you can see, there are 5 beautifull colour inside this palette. And almost all shades are PINK!!! Wuhhuuu... 

POM NA18111301724
Net Wt. 0.42 oz/12g

Let we try that shades on my hand
The picture above is with flash, and the picture below is without flash.





~ Good Packaging
~ i love the brush too
~ almost all of them is pigmented colour (except the nude pink)
~ The smell oft this lip color like fresh tutti fruityy haahaa..
~ I think the price is not too expensive for 5 colour lipstick (i buy Rp. 110.000)

~ Only lasted 4 hour in my lips T_T

From of all that colour, my favouritte is number 1. That pink is so pretty and very bright colour. I love it! Heeiii.. how bout you ladies???

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  1. Racunn. Jd pgn beli.. >_< pdhl lipstick msh banyak.. ╥﹏╥

  2. Kalo warnanya beda kenapa tidak ?! haahaa.. kompor mleduk ^^

  3. nomer 1 sama 4 nya cuakeeeeep *_* OMG hihi
    nice review, salam kenal ^^
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  4. bagus juga sih dalam satu wadah ada banyak warna cuman aga gak parktis juga yah buat dibawa kemna-mana